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The Empire of Mithras is a play by e-mail RPG based on The Fantasy Trip system of games. The specific rule books in play are In the Labyrinth, Melee (book), Advanced Melee (book), Wizard (book), Advanced Wizard (book). The mailing list for the TFT PBEM campaign can be found at: .


The Game World

The Empire of Mithras is set on the continent of Alandoria in the world of Cidri.

Alandoria is a land torn by conflict between three major powers. Throughout the continent, border disputes and skirmishes are common place and the atrocities of war are known by most of the continent in some form or another.


There are several major religions across the continent and several minor ones. Each race for the most part has a dominant religion, with minor races and minority groups following lesser religions.

The major religions likely to be encountered are worship of magic, the worship of nature, the Church of Enok, and the Church of the Great Smithy.

There are additionally dozens of smaller religions which are open to players and NPCs. Just note that some kingdoms levy a tax on those who don't follow the mainstream religion.

There is a set of evil cults that are 'known' as the cults of the monster gods.


The most important governments of Alandoria are the Wild Lands of the elf people to the north, the mountainous Empire of Mithras and the remnants of the Kingdom of the Magii to the south. To the east, the Free States formed out of the conflict, a group of city states with a mutual defense treaty.

Other Organizations

There are numerous organizations that are reasonably widespread. These include:

White Sword, a mercenary guild that links up employers and warriors, and provides related services.

Game Information

We use a 24 hour clock with some changes. See Hours.

Here is information on the calendars.

House Rules

Rules - Players are not required to know the TFT rules or House Rules as most of the game mechanics are handled by the GM; however, players who are already familiar with traditional TFT rules should review the House Rules to understand variations. The house rules are changes to the traditional TFT rules as laid out in the source books. For the most part, those rules remain unchanged. Anything not listed here can be assumed to follow the traditional rule books unless told otherwise. The house rules are subject to change.


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Mission Log

Catch up with the Mission log.

Loot Log

Catch up with the Loot log.

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Other top-level pages in this wiki
Characters Governments Loot Log Mission Log Places Religions
Alandoria Main Page Rules

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